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Lee Morrison Art




Lee Morrison is an American artist based in Sherwood, Oregon. 


She uses a style that combines abstract and figurative elements to paint captivating fractal forest scenes.  Her use of color and layering technique give her paintings a distinct eye-catching fragmented effect.  This fractal glass-like quality acknowledges the idea that each of us sees the world through a different color lens.


Morrison’s forests suggest the moment when perspectives both collide and coalesce, highlighting the beauty and resilience of nature as well as the different perspectives and experiences we bring to our own interactions with it.

My pieces speak for themselves regarding the world they contain within them.  I limit myself describing each work to allow the viewers to experience all the emotions that my paintings have to offer.  When I create my art, I enjoy moving from simple to bold, from soft to heavy textures, within the same canvas. I use professional-grade canvas, mediums, paints, and varnishes.  The style of canvas that I use is a gallery-style canvas.  It is 1.5 inches thick, wrapped, and securely stapled.  The artwork comes ready to hang and does not require a frame.  Any works 36" inches or larger will be shipped in a tube.  This ensures the safety of the piece.  The painting will have to be stretched upon arrival by a store that does this type of work or by someone with experience. 

If you have fallen in love with a piece that is no longer available, feel free to reach out to me.  Keep in mind that even though an original can never be recreated, perhaps another original could be brought to life with a similar sentiment.

Free Shipping with all of my work to the contiguous USA, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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